Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Lalitha-Nandini violin duo concert

8 September 2007 - 7 pm - Adam Concert Hall, NZ School of Music.

This was an evening that both the audience and the artists enjoyed thoroughly. The violin duo gave a simply splendid recital that captivated the audience. And there can be no doubt that this also made those who had not turned up wish that they had, thanks to word of mouth.

Following usual tradition, the concert lasted 3 hours, with a break after 1.5 hours. Secretary Lakshmi made the welcome address and Shrividya presented the vote of thanks. President Radhika and vice-president Ravi presented the artists with mementoes after the show.

NZIFS committee members with the artists (L to R): Chris (treasurer), Sridhar Chari (artist - mridangist), Radhika (president), Narayani (committee member), Lakshmi (secretary), violin duo Lalitha and Nandini and Ravi (vice-president). Absent: Palani (committee member).

Speaking to the NZIFS Reporter after the show, Lalitha and Nandini commented on how much they had enjoyed performing in Wellington. “It was a very satisfying experience to have such an audience. We, as artists, can always tell a lot from the audience’s response – it is a two-way process – and we can give our best only when have an audience that is so responsive as Wellington’s has been.”

"Our thanks to NZIFS, who have a whole bunch of enthusiasts promoting Carnatic music,” Nandini added. “These are the things that keep our music and culture alive.”

And there can be no doubt that we, in this corner of the Antipodes, are indeed lucky to be able to have artists of such calibre perform here.

And as usual, our thanks go to those who continuously support and help us - members, volunteers and friends.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Dinner with the duo

NZIFS members were lucky enough to have dinner with the violin duo on Friday, 7 Sept 2007.

It was a potluck dinner and as is always the case with such dinners, the food was fantastic.

Entry was by gold coin donation and the dinner was held at Secretary Lakshmi's house.

All in all, it was a most enjoyable experience for the artists, Lalitha and Nandini, who later remarked that they had really felt at home; and for the 20-odd members who were part of the do.

Bombay Jayashri concert

Adam Concert Hall, 16 June 2007, 7 pm

This was the first concert that the new and recently-elected committee organised.

It was a sell-0ut with the Adam Concert Hall being full to capacity, thanks to the popularity of the artist.

Sadly though, there were a couple of glitches beyond the organisers’ control. The artists’ flight from Australia was late and they were cleared by immigration/customs/MAF also late. Also, Jayashri’s luggage didn’t come through and mridangist J Vaidyanathan’s instrument was opened and examined thoroughly before being cleared to enter the country. The violinist accompanying them was H H Sridhar.

In spite of all these hiccups, the artists got themselves ready amazingly quickly and managed to start the concert only half-an-hour after the scheduled start time. And what a concert it turned out to be!

Vice-President Ravi made the welcome address and President Radhika presented the vote of thanks.