Monday, 13 October 2008

Veena concert and food stall

Sept 28 was a busy day for NZIFS members and committee alike.

First, there was the veena concert by Dr Jayanthi Kumaresh, accompanied by Patri Satish Kumar. And what a concert it was. Although the audience numbers were limited due to various reasons, the concert was simply splendid. Dr Jayanthi played with a lot of verve and feeling and she was able to give the audience a right mix of songs that they were completely taken up with.

Thanks to the Bhagavans for hosting the artists and thanks also to those who helped in the snack stall etc. Thanks to Lalitha Balajee for her help with the food preparation.

The committee was also faced with the challenge of manning the food stall at Vivek Kinra's annual dance show, almost continuously, from 2 pm onwards, until the end of Vivek's show at 8.30pm. This is a fund-raising activity that we have taken up since last year.

As the veena concert was from 3 to 6 pm, this involved quite a bit of organisation and could not have been achieved without help from various members. A special thanks to Kalyan, Jayashree Raghavan, Raghu, Asha, Ramakanth and Geetha Mohan.

All in all, it was a very successful evening. Needless to add, those who attended the concert or enjoyed the food at both venues were happy chappies.