Sunday, 16 August 2015

Serene classicism to the fore

A soulful and wholesome concert.
Commencing with a brisk Saurashtram (Surya Moorthe), bouncing brilliantly on to Purandara Dasa (Ile Vaikunta - Varali), moving on to blissful Ananda Bharavi (O Jagadamba)...setting up with the popular Brova Barama and thematic Ongi Ulagalanda (Adippooram) the centre piece in Kiravani Kaligiyunte (Thyagaraja) was captivating. The neravals and swarams were fantastic.
Annapoorne in Sama, Narayana Thirthar's Govardana Dhara, Kamalesha Vittala Dasa compostion in Behag, 30th Pasuram (Vangak kadal) came later and RKM stirred us late in the evening with the ever-popular காபி (Jagado Dharana), followed by Thiruppugazh and Mangalam. The viruthams were imbued with amazing BhAva, as were all the renditions.
Rajeev on the violin and Bharadwaj on the Mridangam rendered able support to RKM and played with brilliant anticipation and finesse. A well structured concert.
This team will go a long way. Wish them the very best. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

NZIFS on TV One today

A concert (by Idhayam Collective) organised by NZIFS in March was covered by TV One

Enjoy the episode here