Tuesday, 1 May 2018

29 April, 2018:

A delightful evening of music from Vidhushi Amritha, Vidwans RKS and MKB.

Mayamalava Gowla and Kannada Gowla set the opening for a brilliant Varali (Mamava Meenakshi), where the dynamics of Sri. Balaji showed meditatively dexterous synchronisation to Amritha and then a masterly Swara raga Sudha (in Shankarabharanam) followed and flowed!

Amritha sung a couple of compositions by her guru Vid. RKS and took the audience to blissful heights.

RKS provided brilliant support throughout.

Of the lighter pieces, the audience were enraptured by the soothing lullaby Manikkam Katti and went home satiated, though wanting more!