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Fuel Espresso - A beautiful obsession
At the heart of every Fuel Espresso experience is your barista's obsession with making you the perfect espresso, every time. Their passion for espresso is huge and their technical knowledge is extreme, and maintained through a regular programme of advanced master classes in the art and science of espresso.
Fuel baristas are supported by uncompromisingly high standards in every aspect of our business. We source the best green coffee beans from the plantations of the world. Our blend was designed with the best Italian espresso palates in Trieste. Every batch of beans we roast is cupped and tasted to ensure it reaches the Fuel Espresso standard. We are fanatical in the maintenance of our espresso machinery.

Obsessive? Absolutely. But it’s a beautiful obsession.
Enjoy the perfect espresso at work
If you want to enjoy the flavours of Fuel Espresso in the office, Fuel offers a full office sales service. They will work with you to build a customised package of equipment, training and regular servicing. Contact us on +64 4 499 7733 to discuss your tailored service from any of the options below:
  • Regular delivery of whole beans or ground coffee
  • Espresso grinder for genuine fresh-ground flavours
  • Fuel Espresso-branded stainless steel coffee plungers
  • Espresso machines – either high-end domestic models or cafe-standard professional machines
  • Complimentary training in the subtleties of coffee making (plunger or machine) for your staff
Get your office humming with Fuel Espresso

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