Monday, 28 July 2014

After the Vocal Duo Come the Violin Mestros

Amazingly gifted violin maestros, Dr. Manjunath and Sri. Nagaraj are to captivate Wellingtonians by their brilliant playing.
They will be accompanied by the very talented Arjun Kumar on the Mridangam (Indian drums) and Giridhar Udupa on the Ghatam.
From child prodigies to trail blazers, captivating audiences & critics, Mysore brothers have created unrivalled record as Star performers in prestigious organizations world over. From Royal Albert Hall to Sydney Opera house, from Common Thread Music festival in USA to Federation Square in Melbourne,from World Music Festival in Chicago to Esplanade Theatre in Singapore-to -Santa-Fe festival in New Mexico,Mysore Brothers have enthralled audiences all over the world.
The Los Angeles Times warmly noted that they have "crossed over so many boundaries to create Music wonder".
The Iowa State daily exclaims "The Audience felt that they had never before heard such a thrilling compendium of virtuosity and technical mastery."
Come and enjoy this not-to-miss concert.
24th Aug, Sunday
5.30 pm
Adam Concert Room, NZSM Kelburn Campus, Victoria University, Gate 7, Kelburn Parade, Wellington
Contact for tickets:
Gayathri 550 2400 Raghu 976 8687 Ram 478 5490 Bala 972 4032
Radhika 589 6618 Sundar 476 3450