Monday, 16 April 2012

A Dazzler of a concert on the 18th March (Raaga Sudha Rasa)

Sudha was in full form on Sunday, the 18th. She delighted the good turn out of 150+ audience with a soulful rendition of over 3 three hours of music soaked in Bhakti.

The concert organised in collaboration with Rasikas NZ, commenced briskly with a rarely sung Lalgudi varnam in Charukesi, Innam En Manam.  

This was followed by Shobillu in Jaganmohini,  a moving Mokshamu Galada in SAramathi, a swara and neraval rich Mathangi Sri Raja Rajeswari in RamA Manohari, a vibrant and dynamic PAdame Thunai Paramshiva in Valaji, Mani nUpura Dhaari Gopala in the lullaby Raaga Neelambari putting us almost into a meditative sleep state, then waking us up with an elaborate tapestry woven in RTP Keeravani-Atana-Hamsanandi-Revathi Pallavi Devi Sri Uma Maheswari. The raga-talamAlika took the audience to ecstatic heights of devotion.

The second half comprised  Chinnanjiru Kiliye in Kaapi, Narayanane Ninne - Suddha Danyasi, Bhare Panduranga (an abhang in Mand), Vallik Kanavan Perai (kavadi Chindu in Chenjuritti), Yadhavaraya (Ragamalika), the evergreen Kurai Onrum Illai, Manki Ankhe Kolo (Sai bhajan) and the lilting Katrinile Varum Geetham.

Sudha was brilliantly supported by Thiruvarur Vaidyanathan on the mridangam and B V Raghavendra Rao on the violin.

The artistes and the audience loved each others’ response to this highly satisfying concert. If not for hunger pangs and the thought of getting back to work on Monday, the concert would have gone on for a few more hours – going by the long wish list of the audience and the unbounded enthusiasm of the artistes.