Saturday, 12 December 2009

Maargazhi Raagam

“Maargazhi Raagam” was a big hit with the audience in Wellington.

“Maargazhi Raagam” was a technical masterpiece which brought together people who were geniuses in their respective fields. It introduced us to a new concept of seeing our favourite artists perform on the silver screen.

We entered the theatre thinking that nothing could equal a live concert experience. But “Maargazhi Raagam” proved us all wrong. The conversation between the singer and the instrumentalists, the artist’s expressions is captured in way that equals the live concert experience.

The concert movie begins by Bombay Jayshree performing solo. Her serene voice, her rendition, the instruments, the stage and lighting create the right mood for the audience. Just as we are completely mesmerized in the soulful music we are taken by surprise when TM Krishna takes over giving the finishing touches to one of her pieces in style. The transition was enjoyable.

The “Mangalam”, a joint presentation by Bombay Jayshree and TM Krishna was the perfect finale. The audience reluctantly left the theatre. The movie left them yearning for more.