Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lalgudis Violin Duet Concert Today

Date: Sunday, 27th of March
Time: 4:00 pm
Venue: Adam Concert Room, School of Music

Lalgudi GJR Krishnan & Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi Violin Duet Concert Today
Accompanied by Sri.Mannargudi Easwaran on Mridangam

Rhythm in Carnatic music is accorded a very high status - "tha dEEEEEEEEEEEE ki ta thom", the very heart-beat of carnatic music.  Vid. Mannargudi A Easwaran is among the top percussionists of India.Mannargudi Easwaran has accompanied a wide range of artists, right from the maestros of yesteryears to the young stars of today.

"… Mannargudi Easwaran creates the impression all the time that he is a link between the main artiste and percussive melody. What is Kalpana, raga alapana and swara to a vocalist, is the tani avartanam to Easwaran. He is the one who realized that sugam in mridangam deepens as it advances from gross beats to subtle laya patterns…"
- The Hindu 1995

( Thani Avarthanam is simply an occasion when the percussion artists exhibit their skills, imagination and expertise in playing their instruments.)

For tickets (Members $15 | Non-members $30 | Student Members $10 | Student Non-members $15 ) Contact,
Balajee 972 4032 | Shiva 569 7522 | Sujani 461 6117| Sundar 476 3450 | Ram 476 4490 | Bhagavan 476 7600 |

**You can also buy tickets at the venue by paying cash.

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